Just a Bunch of Dads Trying to Be Vulnerable

We overcome shame by recognizing it and sharing it. Thanks Dr. Brown.


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Meet the Man Behind HDD

I'm just a regular guy living in Utah with a decent professional career - but a huge mountain to climb personally when it comes to being more vulnerable about my physical fitness and a bunch of other stuff. I want to share more so I can overcome this personal challenge and help other good guys do the same thing.

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We want to get the word out about Dad's who are using vulnerability to chase big goals.

It’s not about a specific workout routine or diet - its more about being self-aware and honest when it comes to habits we have that take us closer to our goals or that take us further away. Press kit is coming soon - but as you can see - we have a ways to grow before we get too fancy with our media outreach. If you can help us then please reach out.

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