Is Healthy Dad Days just for married men with children?

Is Healthy Dad Days just for married men with children? 

Simply put - my name is Kevin - I'm a dad, I am married, and I do have children. I started the site to help people like me. Was my name short sighted? Maybe.

My hope is that spouses join too. Maybe even children in some cases to cheer on their Dad. I want everybody to see what can happen when a Dad gets the support he needs - the difference it can make in his life and in the life of his family.

I'd be over the moon happy if men who don't have children or who are not married yet became readers and members in preparation for change in their life. Even more happy if spouses joined with the same goal in mind.

Now, if you came here looking for support for Mom's, Children, or something else. Let's talk. I have plans, I need help, and I'd be excited to hear more about your ideas.

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