Which diet will help me lose weight the fastest?

Which diet will help me lose weight the fastest? 

This is the kind of question that we really want to challenge. We want you to accomplish your goals - but we’ve all been in a place where those goals felt too far away. If you really do have a solid grasp on your current fitness level and you are measuring your macros then maybe you could adopt a rapid weight loss diet for a short time period and move fast. Truth is, most people who Google the question, “which diet will help me lose weight the fastest?” are actually in a place where it hurts. You might be very uncomfortable with your current weight or physical appearance and you want to get it done fast because you want to stop being uncomfortable. It makes sense - its almost like we are wired to get out of uncomfortable situations. No shame. We’ve been there.

What if we looked at the situation differently? 

Instead of beating yourself up by saying you are going to change everything just to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling you have right now about your weight, what if we took a little time to be honest with ourselves about what we are doing right now that is preventing us from being who or where we want to be? Chances are you already know of a few things that are helping you gain weight instead of lose weight. It might be food habits or workout habits, but it could also be something else like using food to feel better about a tough situation at work or in other areas of your life. This is exactly what I went through - I put on 100 lbs eating my way out of uncomfortable situations. And nobody knew I was doing it… well, they saw the weight gain slowly over time, but they didn’t see the fifteen minute multi-thousand calorie feel good food binges.

If any of this is close to where you really are - join us! Or at least read a little more about how we think about things. If you really are the type of person who manages macros on the daily and just wants an answer to the question about losing weight fast - then you should still join us and teach us a few things. Really, we’d love to host you on one of our interviews so we can learn more about how you think.

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